Running a further or higher education institution

Register of training organisations, Teaching Excellence Framework, enrolling 14 to 16 year olds, governance, establishing or closing, planning ahead.

Guidance and regulation

  1. Register of training organisations
  2. Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework specification
  3. How to register as a PCDL learning provider
  1. Providing external assurance on subcontracting controls

    • Guidance
    • Education and Skills Funding Agency
  2. Register of training organisations: application instructions

    • Guidance
    • Closed organisation: Skills Funding Agency
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News and communications

  1. Government announces £144,000 of new funding to help universities tackle antisemitism on campus

    • Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government and Department for Education
    • Press release
  2. Universities must embrace accountability

    • Department for Education
    • News story
  3. Jo Johnson demands tough penalties on student plagiarism

    • Department for Education
    • Press release
  4. Universities opt in to the Teaching Excellence Framework

    • Department for Education and Office for Students
    • Press release
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Policy and engagement

  1. Insolvency regime for further education and sixth-form colleges
  2. Office for Students: registration fees (stage 2)
  3. Office for Students: registration fees for HE providers
  1. Student Charter Group: final report

    • Closed organisation: Department for Business, Innovation & Skills
    • Independent report
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  1. Further education area review wave 1: process evaluation

    • Department for Education
    • Research
  2. Supporting entry and level 1 students in post-16 institutions

    • Department for Education
    • Research
  3. Post-16 institutions omnibus: wave 2 survey - December 2015

    • Department for Education
    • Research
  4. Improving teaching standards through listening to learners

    • Ofsted
    • Research
  5. Higher education enrolments and qualifications: 2013 to 2014

    • Closed organisation: Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and Higher Education Statistics Agency
    • National statistics
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