Running a further or higher education institution

Governance, subcontracting, SFA register.

  1. Alternative higher education providers: designation guidance

    Guidance on criteria and conditions for designation of higher education providers.

  2. Alternative higher education providers: student number controls

    Guidance covers student number controls for providers with specific designated courses for 2014 to 2015.

  3. Applying to be on the approved list of independent special institutions

    Information about the process independent special providers need to follow to be considered for entry onto the list of approved institutions.

  4. College governance: how further education colleges operate

    Covers the environment in which further education colleges operate and sets out the framework within which they demonstrate their accountability.

  5. Establishing or closing a sixth-form college

    How to apply to establish or close a sixth-form college and how further education (FE) colleges can convert to become a sixth form.

  6. European Baccalaureate: guide for higher education institutions

    A summary of the European Baccalaureate for UK university and higher education admissions officers.

  7. FE Choices: information for providers

    FE choices provides comparable information to help learners and employers make informed choices about education and training.

  8. Full-time enrolment of 14- to 16-year-olds in further education and sixth-form colleges in 2016 to 2017 academic year

    Information for further education and sixth-form colleges when directly enrolling 14- to 16-year-olds.

  9. Further education area reviews: guidance for providers

    Guidance about the area reviews of sixth-form and further education colleges and how to carry out recommendations.

  10. Further education area reviews: policy and reports

    Policy documents about the area reviews of sixth-form and further education colleges.

  11. Further education colleges: guidance on naming

    Guidance for statutory FE corporations, colleges and college companies on the legislation, policy and procedures for changing their names.

  12. Further education funding: structure and prospects appraisals guidance

    Guidance for further education colleges on undertaking a structure and prospects appraisal.

  13. Higher education: market entry guidance

    Guidance on degree awarding powers, university title, designation for HEFCE funding and further education to higher education transfers.

  14. How to register as a PCDL learning provider

    Guidance and forms to register as a professional career development loan (PCDL) learning provider for the first time.

  15. ICT Services Framework: guidance for the further education and skills sector

    Shows further education and skills and related organisations how to use the ICT services framework one, which is in operation from November …

  16. Inspecting further education and skills: leaflet for providers

    This leaflet outlines what Ofsted will look at during an inspection of a further education and skills provider.

  17. Post-16 courses database: operational guide

    A guide to putting course information on a national database available to potential students.

  18. Report cheating, malpractice or wrongdoing to Ofqual

    How to report concerns about cheating, malpractice, or wrongdoing in qualifications, schools, colleges and training centres.

  19. SFA business operations : help and support

    How to get help and advice about the SFA business operations system applications.

  20. SFA: register of training organisations

    This series brings together documents relating to registering with the SFA, so you can tender for funding to provide education and training.

  21. Sixth-form colleges devolved formula capital: information

    Information about devolved formula capital (DFC) for sixth-form colleges.

  22. Sixth-form colleges: apply to change name

    How sixth-form colleges who wish to change their name should apply to the Secretary of State for Education.

  23. State aid: universities and research organisations

    Aims to help universities and research organisations to better understand the state aid issues involved in their activities.

  24. Student Charter Group: final report

    Report from a higher education sector working group into student charters and other agreements between higher education institutions and students…

  25. Teaching Excellence Framework: list of eligible providers

    A list of all higher education providers who are eligible to participate in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) year 1.

  26. Teaching Excellence Framework: year 2 specification

    Information about how the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) will function in year 2 of its operation.

  27. Timeline for sixth-form and further education colleges: mandatory

    What sixth-form and further education colleges must know to plan for the academic year ahead.

  28. Timeline for sixth-form and further education colleges: useful

    Useful information to help sixth-form and further education colleges plan for the academic year ahead.