Learning Records Service (LRS)

Access to the organisation portal for unique learner numbers, and information about scheduled maintenance dates. Registration documents, privacy notices.

  1. LRS latest release guidance

    Information to assist learner registration bodies (colleges, schools, providers and local authorities) and awarding organisations.

  2. LRS organisation portal

    Access unique learner numbers through the portal.

  3. LRS portal: maintenance schedule

    Shows the scheduled maintenance dates for the LRS organisation portal and testing environment.

  4. LRS: AO user guide and Awarding Organisation list

    Advice for awarding organisations on how to join and use the LRS.

  5. LRS: batch file toolkits for AOs and LRBs

    Batch toolkits and a validation tool to help awarding organisations and learner registration bodies produce and validate batch files.

  6. LRS: complaints process

    How to make a complaint about LRS products and services

  7. LRS: help and support

    How to get help and advice about the learning records service.

  8. LRS: information for learners and parents

    The personal learning record is an online compilation of a person's learning and achievement records collected by UK education bodies.

  9. LRS: LRB user guide and learning providers list

    How learner registration bodies can obtain unique learner numbers using the learning records service organisation portal.

  10. LRS: monthly headline report

    Learning records service monthly headline report for national learners aged 14+.

  11. LRS: privacy notices

    Privacy notices tell learners how their qualification data is used if they allow others to see their personal learning record.

  12. LRS: registration documents

    Documents required if you wish to register to use LRS services

  13. LRS: schedule for uploading ILR/NPD achievement data

    This schedule provides information on data uploads to the PLR from a range of stakeholders and data feeds.

  14. LRS: web services for management information system developers

    Learning Records Service (LRS) web services provide system-to-system communications over a network mainly takes place over the internet.

  15. Schools in Wales: how to create a ULN

    Information for schools in Wales on how to create a ULN