The government offers advice and guidance to pet owners and also enforces legislation to protect pets against cruelty. The UK has a diverse and unique range of wildlife, but over-exploitation (such as over-fishing), habitat loss, climate change and the impact of non-native species all pose a threat.

Detailed guides

  1. Apply for and register your vessel monitoring system device

    Apply for a grant-aided vessel monitoring system, register or re-register your device, and guidance for manufacturers and engineers. Read more

  2. Report serious fish or shellfish diseases

    Serious or notifiable diseases, reporting them to the Fish Health Inspectorate (FHI), investigations and how to prevent further outbreaks. Read more

  3. Get fishing or management rights for a shellfishery

    How to apply for a several order or a regulating order: application process and documents required. Read more

  4. Return tagged fish and shellfish

    How to return tagged fish and shellfish, how much you get paid and what information to include. Read more

  5. Handling and storing animal by-products

    How to get a handling or storage site approved, how to store animal by-products (ABPs) and derived products, and how to build the site. Read more