The interests of rural communities in the UK must be properly represented. Through investing in the rural economy, improving access to the countryside, coast and inland waterways, we will secure the future of these areas and their communities.

Detailed guides

  1. Shipping industry regulation

    How the shipping industry is regulated and how to keep up-to-date when regulations change or new regulations are introduced. Read more

  2. Marine engineering safety requirements

    The safety requirements for systems and equipment that move and control vessels, and make vessels usable for crew, passengers and cargo. Read more

  3. England Coast Path: comment on new proposals

    As a member of the public, owner or occupier of coastal access land, find out how you can comment or object on new access proposals. Read more

  4. Local authority rights of way improvement plans

    As a local authority you must review your rights of way improvement plan every 10 years. Read more

  5. Chemicals in food: safety controls

    Safety rules and procedures for working with food additives, pesticides, contact materials and processes such as high temperature cooking and irradiation Read more