The interests of rural communities in the UK must be properly represented. Through investing in the rural economy, improving access to the countryside, coast and inland waterways, we will secure the future of these areas and their communities.

Detailed guides

  1. Shipping industry regulation

    How the shipping industry is regulated and how to keep up-to-date when regulations change or new regulations are introduced. Read more

  2. Marine engineering safety requirements

    The safety requirements for systems and equipment that move and control vessels, and make vessels usable for crew, passengers and cargo. Read more

  3. Vessel classification and certification

    Class and permitted use of passenger ships, cargo ships, tankers, tugs, tenders, fishing boats, yachts, commercial vessels, and the required certificates. Read more

  4. Fishing vessels: classification, registration and inspection

    Make sure your fishing vessel complies with international and UK safety requirements and you have the right certificates for it to operate in territorial waters. Read more

  5. Ship security

    How ship security is managed in the UK, and how to comply with EU regulation on ship security. Read more