Forests and woodland


  1. Woodland Creation Planning Grant application form

    Use this form to apply for funding to support planning required to create large multi-purpose productive woodlands in England.

  2. Forestry Commission agent authority form

    Use this form to tell the Forestry Commission that you give an agent or representative authority to submit an application or manage an agreement on your behalf.

  3. Map request form: Forestry Commission

    Use this 2-page form to generate a standard map for inclusion in grant, funding and felling licence applications.

  4. Woodland Carbon Fund application form

    Use this form to apply for capital funding of woodland planting and protection measures, followed by a payment for establishment.

  5. Notice of landing form

    You or your appointed import agent must complete a Notice of landing form, which will allow you to arrange a timber import inspection if necessary.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Countryside Productivity Scheme
  2. Tree felling licence: when you need to apply
  3. Tree felling: getting permission
  4. Woodland creation grant: Countryside Stewardship
  5. Tree felling: overview
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News and communications

Research and statistics

  1. The People and Nature Survey for England: Monthly interim indicators for May 2020 (Experimental Statistics)
  2. Provisional Woodland Statistics: 2020 Edition
  3. Forestry Commission Key Performance Indicators: Report for 2019-20
  4. Government supported new planting of trees in England: Report for 2019-20
  5. Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire: Provisional 2019 data
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Developing a tree strategy for England
  2. Tree and woodlands: introducing measures for felling street trees
  3. Forestry Commission framework document
  4. Provenance choice of native trees under climate change in England - Policy Advice Note
  5. Ash tree research strategy 2019
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. 2020 Government Procurement Card (GPC) spend for transactions over £500
  2. Register of Interests - Forestry Commissioners
  3. Forestry Commission spend over £25,000 (2020)
  4. Tree species in Countryside Stewardship Woodland Creation Grant applications (2019)
  5. Tree species in Countryside Stewardship initial Woodland Creation Grant applications (2018)
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