Use the Land Information Search

Find woodland agreements, felling licences and other designations on any chosen area of land.

The Land Information Search (LIS) is a map based tool that provides information about land designations or features such as National Nature Reserves and grant schemes in any chosen area.

The information generated by this LIS is only for England - a search in each country will be required for properties that cross borders.

Basic search - allows you to create a circle of a chosen size by clicking a point on the map. Advanced - allows you to draw a more detailed shape on the map.

Both options run the search against the same list of land designations. The main difference is that the advanced search gives control over the shape that can be drawn allowing the area of interest to be more accurately represented.

Free maps

Download the map request form for help from the Forestry Commission to develop a map of your woodland site.

Contact the Forestry Commission

If you cannot access the Land Information Search, or encounter any problems while using this system, you can contact the Support team

For more information, you can contact the Administrative Hub covering your area or phone the Forestry Commission helpline on 0300 0674070.

Published 6 July 2018