Immigration and borders


Immigration enriches our culture and strengthens our economy and therefore we want to attract people to study, work and invest in the UK.

We want to simplify and improve immigration policy and law and policy to make sure the UK has an internationally competitive visa system and an efficient and effective enforcement operation.


We work to control immigration by:

In 2013, the UK Border Agency was closed and its functions brought back into the Home Office.



The Home Office produces research and statistics on migration.

National statistics on migration are also published by the Office for National Statistics.

National and EU policy development on asylum and migration is informed by the UK European Migration Network’s (EMN), and Eurostat’s research. The EMN is made up of teams (or national contact points) from every EU member state.

Bills and legislation

The Immigration Bill was announced on 8 May 2013 in the Queen’s Speech. The bill is expected to be passed in March 2014. It will reform the removals and appeals system, making it easier and quicker to remove those with no right to be in the UK.

The immigration rules describe the entry requirements and laws for staying in the UK.