Travel and identity documents for foreign nationals


  1. Biometric residence permits (BRPs)

    Biometric residence permits (BRP) - what they are, personal data, how to report problems

  2. Apply for a Home Office travel document

    How to apply for a document to travel outside the UK if you're not British and you can't use or get your own national passport

  3. Get your visa, immigration or citizenship documents back

    Get your documents returned if you've made a UK visa, immigration or citizenship application but need them back urgently

  4. Report a change of circumstances if you have a visa or BRP

    Report a change of address, personal details or circumstances if you have a visa or biometric residence permit (BRP), or if you've applied for one

  5. Transfer your visa from your passport

    How to transfer your visa from an old passport to a new passport or biometric residence permit

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Immigration Rules
  2. Biometric residence permits: applicant and sponsor information
  3. European passport return service: Greater London
  4. European passport return service: England
  5. Biometric residence permits: overseas applicant and sponsor information
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News and communications

  1. Launch of Biometric Residence Permits in Mauritius
  2. Changes to biometric collection categories
  3. Man jailed over passport fraud
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Research and statistics

  1. Emergency travel document process
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Home Office response to the report 'An inspection of the General Register Office for England and Wales, with particular emphasis on birth records, March – June 2016’
  2. Response to the emergency travel document process report
  3. Olympics 2012: capturing visa national games family members' biometrics
  4. Biometric resident permits for tiers 1 and 5
  5. Biometric resident permits for Tiers 1 and 5 equality impact assessment
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. HMPO transparency data: February 2018
  2. HMPO transparency data: November 2017
  3. HMPO transparency data: May 2017
  4. HM Passport Office: August 2017
  5. HMPO transparency data: August 2017
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