1. Application to join civil penalty accreditation scheme

    Form to apply for UK Visas and Immigration's civil penalty accreditation scheme for hauliers.

  2. Clearance of missing or delayed baggage: non-EU arrivals

    Form BOR1422 is used by non-EU arrivals when clearing missing or delayed baggage through UK customs controls at ports or airports.

  3. Application for approved gate check status

    Forms and information for carriers applying for approved gate check (AGC) status to reduce charges for inadequately documented passengers.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Children travelling to the UK
  2. Travelling to the UK
  3. Returning residents
  4. Common travel area
  5. Transit guidance
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News and communications

  1. Statement: migrant crossings
  2. Navy vessel to be sent to the Channel
  3. ePassport gates to open to visitors from Singapore and South Korea
  4. Joint UK-France centre opens in Calais to tackle criminality at border
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Research and statistics

  1. Home Office – Statistics at Home Office
  2. Immigration statistics, year ending September 2018: data tables
  3. Immigration Statistics, year ending September 2018
  4. Immigration statistics, year ending June 2018: data tables
  5. Third report on statistics being collected under the exit checks programme
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Border Force transparency data: February 2018
  2. Border Force transparency data: November 2017
  3. Border Force transparency data: May 2017
  4. Border Force transparency data: August 2017
  5. Border Force transparency data: February 2017
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