First-tier Tribunal (Asylum Support)

What the First-tier Tribunal (Asylum Support) does

We’re aware of people receiving fraudulent calls from telephone numbers mimicking genuine court or tribunal numbers. This is a scam. The callers may request payment and claim to be from HMRC or other government departments. If you receive a call like this, please don’t make a payment or share any details. You can report the call to Action Fraud and HMRC.

We’re responsible for handling appeals against decisions by the Home Office to:

  • reject a claim for asylum support
  • cancel existing asylum support

Who we are

We are part of the Social Entitlement Chamber, one of 7 chambers of the First-tier Tribunal which settles legal disputes and is structured around particular areas of law.

Tribunal information

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General enquiries

Asylum Support
2nd Floor
Import Building
2 Clove Crescent
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United Kingdom


0800 681 6509

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