1. Form N224: Ask the court to serve documents outside England and Wales

    If a court allows documents to be served outside England and Wales, claimants or defendants can use this form to ask the court to serve those documents.

  2. HRDP 14/15 implementer guidance

    FCO Human Rights and Democracy Programme 2014-15: Guidance for Potential Implementers at Concept Stage

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Military low flying: RAF operational low flying training timetable
  2. Employment Status Manual
  3. Education in the UK for service children
  4. National Probation Service England and Wales divisions map
  5. Devolution toolkit
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News and communications

  1. Wales’ creative industries to benefit from major new research investment
  2. Alun Cairns calls on Welsh schools to sign up to new UK aid backed programme to connect schools with African, Asian and Middle Eastern classrooms
  3. Minister Adams honours courageous Armed Forces at his first official engagement in Wales.
  4. More than half a billion for Wales in Chancellor's Budget
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Research and statistics

  1. Local Authority Food Law Enforcement Returns 2017/18
  2. National rough sleeping count: 2017
  3. Wales tourism accommodation occupancy surveys: December 2017
  4. Great Britain Day Visits Survey: January to December 2017
  5. Help to Buy - Wales: Shared Equity Loan Scheme: December 2017
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Strategy for our veterans: UK government consultation paper
  2. Clarifying the scope of the Welsh rates of Income Tax – technical note and draft legislation
  3. Ministerial Forum communiqué: 03 December 2018
  4. Strategy for our veterans
  5. Ministerial Forum communiqué: 22 October 2018
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Workforce management information: Wales Office
  2. Wales Office: spending over £500 for July 2018
  3. Wales Office: spending over £500 for June 2018
  4. Wales Office: spending over £500 for May 2018
  5. Wales Office: spending over £500 for April 2018
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