National Underground Asset Register (NUAR)

Key information on the National Underground Asset Register (NUAR)

Applies to England, Northern Ireland and Wales

About NUAR

The Geospatial Commission is building a digital map of underground pipes and cables that will revolutionise the way we install, maintain, operate and repair our buried infrastructure - the National Underground Asset Register (NUAR).

NUAR will improve the efficiency and safety of underground works by creating a secure, auditable, trusted and sustainable platform. It will provide a consistent, interactive digital map of buried asset data, accessible when, where and how it is needed by those planning and executing excavations on behalf of underground asset owners. It will also lead to enhanced communication between parties and improve data quality.

Find out more:

In the video below, we provide an introduction to NUAR and its objectives.

NUAR explainer

Whilst still currently in development, the video below, provides an overview of how the NUAR platform will look and operate.

NUAR Platform

This slide deck gives you a general overview of the objectives and plans for NUAR:

A guide to NUAR

Getting involved

If you have any questions about the project, and in particular if you are an owner or operator of buried assets, please get in touch via

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