Road works and street works

Advice and regulations for undertaking road works, street works and road closures.


  1. Apply to close or divert a highway

    How to apply for a stopping up order to close or divert a highway, including information on the documents you must provide.

  2. Installing apparatus in a highway - Section 50 licence NRSWA 1991

    Application pack for a licence to install works on Highways England's road network.

  3. Apply to close a road for a special event

    For local traffic authorities to apply to close a road for a special event under a Section 16 temporary traffic regulation order.

  4. Part I claims: claim for compensation form

    Claim for compensation if the value of your property goes down from the use of a new or altered road.

  5. Apply to pedestrianise a highway

    Local planning authorities can apply to remove vehicle rights on a highway to pedestrianise it.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Safety at street works and road works
  2. How to apply to Highways England for noise insulation
  3. How to reinstate a road after doing street works
  4. Resources for local authorities
  5. Co-ordinating street works
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News and communications

  1. Helping you get home for Christmas with miles of roadworks lifted
  2. New digital service to minimise disruptive roadworks
  3. Prompt action prevents A14 bridge closure
  4. Gearing up for the August getaway
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Research and statistics

  1. Street works lane rental evaluation
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Traffic regulation orders: applying for and creating orders plus using data
  2. Future of lane rental schemes for roadworks
  3. A38 Derby Junctions Improvements
  4. Lane rental schemes for roadworks: removal of sunset clause
  5. Proposed guidance for coring during streetworks inspections
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Temporary speed limit - M6 junctions 26 to 27
  2. M20 Closures
  3. A27 road surface
  4. Roadworks undertaken in 2017
  5. A47 closures
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