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Traffic regulation orders: applying for and creating orders plus using data

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Invites views on the existing processes for applying for and making traffic regulation orders (TRO) plus storing and using TRO data.

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Consultation description

Consultation on the processes for applying for and creating TROs, plus storing and using TRO data. The purpose of this research is to:

  • identify how to use the current system most effectively
  • identify how we can support the transport network of the future
  • produce a draft data model for the storage of all TRO data - this model will be available freely

TROs are created by authorities to make restrictions on the road network including creating speed limits, allowing temporary closures or restricting parking.

The results from this research will contribute to the future of mobility work for the Industrial Strategy Grand Challenge for the UK.

The consultation is done in partnership with GeoPlace, the British Parking Association and Ordnance Survey.

Published 10 December 2018