Plan and manage roadworks

For local highway authorities in England and utility companies, or contractors working for these organisations, to plan and manage street and road works.

You can use this service (also known as ‘Street Manager’) to:

  • apply for street and road work permits
  • assess permits
  • record inspections
  • add reinstatements (after work has been completed)

Start now

You must have an account to log into the Street Manager service.

What you need to set up an account

To create a new account, you need to:

  • work for a local highway authority in England, or a utility company or a contractor employed by those organisations
  • know who the ‘primary contact’ is in your organisation – the person with authority to sign you or your organisation up to the service

If your organisation is already registered on Street Manager, your primary contact should be able to create a user account for you. If your organisation is a utility company, you will need a Street Works Act (SWA) code which confirms you have a legal right to carry out works in the highway. To find or create your organisation’s SWA code, visit GeoPlace.

Register a new organisation

To register a new organisation on Street Manager, send the following details to

  • name of your organisation
  • name and email address of your organisation’s primary contact

Your organisation’s primary contact will receive a registration email. Once registration is complete, they will receive instructions on setting up other user accounts and guidance on using the service.

Published 1 November 2019