Joint Service Publication (JSP)

A list of published Joint Service Publication (JSP) documents produced by the Ministry of Defence.

A list of MOD Joint Service Publication (JSPs) available on GOV.UK.

Please note not all JSPs have been published on GOV.UK.

JSP 886 was withdrawn on 4 October 2016 and has been archived. The Defence Logistics Framework (DLF), accessed through the Defence Gateway, has become the authority for defence logistics support chain policy.

JSP 309 has been replaced by the fuel and gas safety and environmental regulations.

JSPs released under Freedom of Information

Extracts of JSPs released in response to requests made under the Freedom of Information.

Copies of JSPs released in response to requests made under the Freedom of Information.

Accommodation and building standards

Business and finance


Environmental safety

Regulations related to environment, gas, fuel, nuclear and radiation safety.

  1. Management of environmental protection in defence (JSP 418)
  2. Defence fuels policy, organisation and safety regulations (JSP 317)
  3. Joint service safety regulations for the storage and handling of gases (JSP 319)
  4. MOD explosives regulations (JSP 482)
  5. Defence ordnance, munitions and explosives safety and environmental management policy (JSP 520)
  6. Examination and testing of ionising radiation detection and monitoring equipment in defence facilities (JSP 425)
  7. Defence nuclear emergency response (JSP 471)
  8. Regulation of the naval nuclear propulsion programme (JSP 518)
  9. Regulation of the nuclear weapons programme (JSP 538)

Health and safety management

Information management and technology

Land, range and equipment safety

  1. Commanding officers guide (manual of service law: JSP 830 volume 1)
  2. Court guide (manual of service law: JSP 830 volume 2)
  3. Legal compendium (manual of service law: JSP 830 volume 3)
  4. Your rights if you are accused (manual of service law: JSP 830)
  5. Joint service manual of the law of armed conflict (JSP 383)
  6. The manual of the law of armed conflict: amendments (JSP 383)
  7. Manual of the law of armed conflict: revision programme (JSP 383)
  8. Aide memoire on the law of armed conflict (JSP 381)
  9. The armed forces legal aid scheme (JSP 838)
  10. MOD bullying and harassment complaints procedures (JSP 763)
  11. Redress of individual grievances: service complaints (JSP 831)

Logistics and supply chain

Media and communications

Pensions and compensation

Personnel management

Quality and Configuration Management


Welfare and education

Military capability

Published 15 October 2013
Last updated 18 December 2019 + show all updates
  1. Added JSP 889: recruitment and management of transgender personnel in the armed forces.

  2. Added Armed Forces Pension Scheme 2015 and Early Departure Payments Scheme 2015 (JSP 905, Part One) to the collection page under 'Pensions and Compensations'.

  3. Added JSP 940 and 945 to the collection.

  4. Added link to JSP 950 part 1 leaflet 3-3-1 'Preventing malaria in UK armed forces personnel'.

  5. Added link to fuel and gas safety and environmental regulations.

  6. Added Tri-service regulations for expenses and allowances (JSP 752)

  7. Added notice about JSP 886.

  8. Added Defence research involving human participants (JSP 536).

  9. Added MOD building performance standards (JSP 315)

  10. Added JSP 309

  11. Added Policy and processes for non-news media projects (JSP 579).

  12. Added new JSP Regulations for the mobilisation of UK reserve forces.

  13. Added link to JSP 898 which has been released as part of a request under Freedom of Information.

  14. Added JSP 433 MOD diving safety policy.

  15. Removed Service Police codes of practice.

  16. Added honours and awards in the armed forces (JSP 761)

  17. Added additional JSPs..........

  18. Added JSP 912

  19. First published.