Defence policy for modelling and simulation (JSP 939)

JSP 939 describes the UK MOD’s policy for modelling and simulation and details how both governance and technical coherence is applied.



Joint Service Publication (JSP) 939 is intended to provide direction and guidance for the acquisition, development and usage of modelling and simulation across UK defence.

It is designed to be used by staff responsible for any modelling and simulation capability change. This JSP contains the policy and direction on modelling and simulation from a defence enterprise perspective and guidance on the processes involved and best practice to apply to any modelling and simulation development.

The JSP is structured in 2 parts:

  • Part 1: Directive, which provides the direction that must be followed in accordance with mandated statute or policy.
  • Part 2: Guidance, which provides the guidance and best practice that will assist the user to comply with the direction provided in part 1.
Published 20 August 2018