Redress of individual grievances: service complaints (JSP 831)

A guide for Ministry of Defence (MOD) service and civilian personnel on the application of policy for service complaints.


Redress of individual grievances (service complaints): directive

Redress of individual grievances (service complaints): Guidance

Service complaint form

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The aim of this Joint Service Publication (JSP) is to provide guidance on the procedures to follow in order that statutory complaints (service complaints) raised by service personnel and former service personnel are handled and resolved in accordance with legislation, using a process that is efficient, fair and transparent.

Published 2 February 2012
Last updated 24 August 2021 + show all updates
  1. Updated: JSP part 1 and 2.

  2. Updated JSP 831 part 1, 2 and Annex F.

  3. Updated the JSP parts 1 and 2 and added Annex F Service complaints form.

  4. Added part 1 directive and part 2 guidance.

  5. Added related information link to Police cautions: action taken by MOD against service personnel (December 2008 to September 2011).

  6. Added updated JSP 831 and annex F.

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