Commanding officers guide (manual of service law: JSP 830 volume 1)

A guide to the legislation and reference material on the Armed Forces Act 2006.


Introduction (manual of service law)

Meaning of commanding officer (manual of service law)

Jurisdiction and time limits (manual of service law)

Receipt of property seized

Custody (manual of service law)

Investigation, charging and mode of trial (manual of service law)

Non-criminal conduct (disciplinary) offences (manual of service law)

Criminal conduct offences (manual of service law)

Absence and desertion (manual of service law)

Summary hearing, dealing with evidence (manual of service law)

Defences, mitigation and criminal responsibility (manual of service law)

Summary hearing sentencing and punishments (manual of service law)

The summary hearing sentencing guide (manual of service law)

Summary hearing review and appeal (manual of service law)

Financial penalty enforcement orders (manual of service law)

Naval chaplains (manual of service law)

Terms and conditions of enlistment and service (manual of service law)

Service of process (manual of service law)

Forfeitures and deductions (manual of service law)

Powers of officers to take affadavits and declarations (manual of service law)

Exemption from tolls and charges (manual of service law)

Service inquiries (manual of service law)

Safeguarding children, armed forces child protection powers (manual of service law)

Amendments (manual of service law)


This volume is intended to provide guidance to those involved in decision making and the administration of discipline at unit level. It covers the service discipline system and includes a wide range of matters such as:

  • jurisdiction
  • arrest
  • custody
  • investigations
  • charging and mode of trial
  • summary hearing
  • review and appeal

Other volumes of the ‘Manual of service law’:

There are other matters provided for in the Armed Forces Act 2006 that are closely associated with but not wholly contained within the service discipline system.

Published 31 January 2011
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  1. Updated amendments list; chapter 7: non criminal conduct; chapter 12: defences, mitigation and criminal responsibility.

  2. Updated chapter 13.

  3. Added updated Summary hearing sentencing and punishments (manual of service law) and Meaning of commanding officer (manual of service law) and Amendments documents

  4. Updated: Chapter 6, 13, 24 and amendments list.

  5. Added updated Chapter 13 with the inclusion of 'mental injury' in Service Compensation Orders and replaced amendment list with updated version which lists latest changes.

  6. Updated the Amendments list.

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  8. Added updated versions of amendment list, Chapter 3, 4, 6, 7. Added new parts for Chapter 4 - Annexes J, K, L, M and N.

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  11. Added revised Chapter 13 and amendment list.

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