Manual of service law (MSL)

This series brings together all manual service of law publications

The ‘Manual of service law’ (MSL), also referred to as JSP 830, is published to provide policy guidance and reference material on the Armed Forces Act 2006.

The manual is split into 3 volumes:

  • Volume 1: commanding officers guide
  • Volume 2: court guide
  • Volume 3: legal conpendium

Please note that while volumes 1 and 2 contain policy and guidance on the law; the MSL is not an authoritative document in the strict legal sense.

Other guidance publications on specific areas related to the ‘Manual of service law’ which are available on can be found under the related guidance, those not publish on are linked below:

Manual of service law: JSP 830

For other matters provided in the Armed Forces Act 2006 that are closely associated with, but not wholly contained within the service discipline system.

Published 24 July 2013
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