Court guide (manual of service law: JSP 830 volume 2)

A guide to the legislation and reference material on the Armed Forces Act 2006.


The summary appeal court (manual of service law)

Court martial constitution and rules (manual of service law)

Court martial proceedings (manual of service law)

Sentencing principles, powers and effects (manual of service law)

Court martial appeal (manual of service law)

Service civilian court (manual of service law)

Contempt of service courts (manual of service law)

Compensation for miscarriage of justice (manual of service law)

The powers of the criminal case review commission (manual of service law)


Volume 2 covers matters pertaining to the service courts including the court martial, the service civilian court and the summary appeal court. It is intended to provide guidance to legal advisers and the staff of the Military Court Service, who administer proceedings before these courts.

Other volumes of the ‘Manual of service law’

Published 14 January 2014
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