Services to be provided by the armed forces to victims of crime (JSP 839)

Guidance on how service providers should discharge their obligations in providing appropriate support sevices to entitled victims of crime.


Victims’ services


The revised JSP 839 (Joint Service Publication) contains, at Annex A, the Armed Forces Code of Practice for Victims of Crime (‘the Code’), which came into force on Monday, 16 November 2015. It offers advice and guidance on how service providers should discharge their obligations, as required by the code, in providing the appropriate entitlements to victims of crime.

The guidance contained within the JSP 839 document is designed to assist service providers in ensuring compliance with the code and the two should be read in conjunction with each other. In cases relating to allegations of serious, and/or, sexual offences, Annex B which is copied from ‘DIN2014 01-209 - Guidance to Commanding Officers and victims when dealing with allegations of serious criminal offences including sexual offences’, should also be referred to.

JSP 839, and its’ annexes, contain guidance and procedures that are primarily aimed at assisting ‘Victims of crime’, Commanding Officers (COs), Victim Liaison Officers (VLOs), Service Police, the Service Prosecution Authority (SPA), the Military Court Service (MCS) and the Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC).

Published 25 January 2016