Defence Knowledge and Information Management policy and procedures (JSP 441)

Sets out record keeping obligations for military and civilian MOD staff and provides guidance on storing and managing records effectively.


JSP 441: managing information in defence, part 1: directive

JSP 441: managing information in defence, part 2: guidance


Part 1 (Directive) sets out Defence’s top level Information policy commitments, and what we have to do, collectively and individually, to make sure we meet them. It also includes the Rules for Managing Data and for Managing Records.

The essence of the MOD’s Information policy is that information should be:

  • legally held and used
  • correctly labelled and stored
  • readily available in a helpful format to those who should have access to it
  • securely protected from those who should not have access to it
  • preserved for an appropriate period of time

Part 2 (Guidance) contains a set of guidance leaflets. They have been put into four categories for easier reference: Information, Knowledge, Records, Data. All of these have been written for the entire Defence community, though the Records and Data titles are likely to be of more interest to specialists.

Published 17 January 2013
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