JSP 600 series

Joint Services Publication 600 series

The Joint Services Publication (JSP) 600 series of documents sets out directions to underpin interoperability by providing coherent technical standards and comprehensive assurance and compliance processes.

The JSP 600 document gives an overview of the management, support and assurance processes.

The JSP 602’s leaflets contain the minimum mandated standards required to underpin interoperability.

The Joint Service Publication (JSP) 600 document, was originally intended as the overarching MOD CIS policy document that gives an overview of the management, support and assurance processes for CIS Interoperability assurance (IO).

It has been driven by the need to rationalise the extant technical policies, standards and directives; managing issues such as the integration of legacy systems and equipment in the context of smart acquisition. It recognises that there must be appropriate operational imperatives and business benefits to justify directions and guidance for information coherence.

The JSP 600 series represents a new and innovative approach to enhancing joint and multi-national interoperability as well as enable the achievement of information age government target of joined up government by concentrating on the procedures for developing clear and concise directions and guidance.

This information is primarily intended for a technical audience and :

  • head of capability desk officers
  • requirements managers
  • project managers
  • project interoperability leads/systems engineers
  • project integrated logistics support managers
  • safety, technology and integration (STI) leads
  • programme support functions (PSF)


Published 21 December 2012