Maritime and shipping

Shipping, ports and harbours, security, safety at sea, crew training and certifications, sea passengers and vessel registration.


  1. Seafarer medical certificates

    Get a medical certificate to work at sea - ENG 1 or ML5 medical certificates, how much they cost, how to apply

  2. Get a seaman's discharge book or British seaman's card

    Information about who needs a seaman's discharge book and a British seaman's card

  3. Application for a discharge book, British seaman's card (MSF 4509)

    Application for a discharge book and or British seaman's card.

  4. How to apply for a revalidation of a certificate of competency

    Application Form for revalidation of an existing STCW deck or engine officer certificate of competency (MSF 4201).

  5. How to apply for a UK deck certificate of competency

    Complete form MSF 4274, for a notice of eligibility (NOE) for an oral examination leading to the issue of a deck CoC (STCW) for masters, chief mates and officer of the watch.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. MCA approved doctors UK based
  2. How to apply for or revalidate a UK Certificate of Competence
  3. Vessel classification and certification
  4. Seafarers medical certification guidance
  5. MCA approved training providers (ATP)
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News and communications

  1. Foreign flagged ships detained in the UK during November 2018
  2. Solstice report and flyer published
  3. EU Transport Council agenda for 3 December 2018
  4. Four fishermen rescued after vessel capsized in English channel
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Research and statistics

  1. Port and domestic waterborne freight statistics: data tables (PORT)
  2. Sea passenger statistics: data tables (SPAS)
  3. Search and rescue helicopter statistics: data tables (SARH)
  4. Seafarer statistics: data tables (SFR)
  5. UK international sea passengers: October 2018
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. MCA fees consultation
  2. Intended pleasure vessel (IPV) code & pleasure vessel exemptions
  3. Consultation on the impact assessment for the Merchant Shipping (Bridge Visibility Regulations) (Small Passenger Ships)
  4. Consultation on a draft MGN providing guidance on a Fishing Safety Management Code
  5. Port facility security officer training: list of approved training providers
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Crush incident involving a falling hatch cover on general cargo vessel SMN Explorer with loss of 1 life
  2. Capsize and sinking of fishing vessel Solstice with loss of 1 life
  3. Man overboard from creel fishing vessel North Star with loss of 1 life
  4. Dragging anchor and subsequent collisions by general cargo vessel Celtic Spirit
  5. Marine Accident Investigation Branch: current investigations
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