Maritime security

Port and ship security, regulations, training and action against piracy.


  1. MSF 5608: ISPS Code: Contact Details

    Form to be completed providing new Company Security Officers (CSO) contact details or notifying us of any change of details

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Ship security
  2. Ship security: cyber security code of practice
  3. Getting an exemption from maritime security notifications if there’s no Brexit deal
  4. MGN 276 (M+F) Maintenance of portable fire extinguishers
  5. MCA Quality Assurance (MCA QA)
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News and communications

  1. Protecting the maritime industry from cyber attacks
  2. Maritime security in complex environments
  3. The United Kingdom's national strategy for maritime security
  4. Security in Complex Environments Group annual conference
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Research and statistics

  1. Port security directive: post implementation review
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Port Security Regulations 2009 implementation: Port of Londonderry
  2. Port Security Regulations 2009 implementation: 10 UK marine sites
  3. Port security regulations 2009 implementation: amended review date for Dover, Aberdeen, Grangemouth, Portland, Tees & Hartlepool and Workington
  4. Port Security Regulations 2009 implementation: Port of Thames
  5. Port facility security officer training: list of approved training providers
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