Seafarer medical certificates


You must have an ENG 1 or an ML5 seafarer medical fitness certificate to work at sea.

Get an ENG 1 certificate

You need an ENG 1 certificate if you’re any of the following:

  • a seafarer
  • in charge of a ship
  • serving on a merchant ship or yacht

The maximum fee for an ENG 1 medical examination is £80.

How to apply

An ENG 1 certificate must be issued by a doctor approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).

Find your nearest approved doctor in the UK.

Companies can find company-approved doctors approved to carry out ENG 1 medical examinations for specific shipping companies.

Approved doctor lists are updated monthly.

Bring the following to your examination:

  • photo ID, eg passport
  • your previous medical certificate if you have one
  • your local doctor’s name, address and contact details
  • any medication you’re taking
  • your glasses or contact lenses but not colour correction lenses

The doctor will give you an ENG 1 certificate if you pass the examination.

Some seafarer medical certificates from other countries are accepted instead of an ENG 1 form.

Get an ML5 certificate

You need an ML5 medical certificate if you’re:

  • the master of a passenger ship that doesn’t go to sea (Class IV or V)
  • the master of a commercial vessel that doesn’t go to sea
  • the master or a crew member of a small commercial vessel certificated for Area Category 2 to 6 (no more than 60 miles from a safe haven)
  • a crew member or anyone else (eg catering staff) who normally works on a domestic passenger ship (Class VI or VIA) that goes to sea

Read the guidance about medical fitness requirements if you work on domestic vessels and small commercial vessels.

There isn’t a set fee for an ML5 certificate but your doctor will probably charge for this service.

How to apply

Download the ML5 application form and ask your doctor to complete it.