Waterways (maritime)

Categorisations, regulations and rights of operators and passengers on inland and coastal waters.

Guidance and regulation

  1. Inland waterways and categorisation of waters
  2. MSN 1837 (M) Amendment 2. categorisation of waters
  3. MSN 1747 Sea areas: council directive 98/18/EC
  4. MSN 1824 (M) Technical requirements of inland waterway vessels
  5. MGN 461 Inland waterways issue of EU vessel identification number
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News and communications

  1. £5 million to support water rescue
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Research and statistics

  1. Port and domestic waterborne freight statistics: data tables (PORT)
  2. Domestic waterborne freight statistics: 2017
  3. Shipping fleet statistics: data tables (FLE)
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Standards for non-passenger vessels operating solely on inland waterways
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