Ports, harbours and offshore installations

Port, harbour, cruise terminal and offshore installation regulations and operations, trust ports, Harbour Act orders and transport links to ports.


  1. The CERS Workbook

    Vessels and shipping agents should use the CERS Workbook to provide the information needed to the port authority.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Port marine operations: good practice guide
  2. UK Ports of registry
  3. MGN 401 (M+F) vessel traffic services and local port services in the UK
  4. Good governance guidance for ports
  5. How to provide mandatory vessel reporting information to the MCA
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News and communications

  1. Sussex economy boosted by multimillion pound road improvements
  2. EU Transport Council 7 June 2018
  3. Transfer of marine regulation powers and changes to harbour regulations in Wales
  4. Robert Goodwill opens Maritime Knowledge Hub and tours new port terminal in Liverpool
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Research and statistics

  1. Road connectivity for ports and airports study
  2. Port and domestic waterborne freight statistics: data tables (PORT)
  3. Port freight statistics: April to June 2018
  4. Annual offshore statistics and regulatory activity report 2017
  5. Port freight annual statistics: 2017 final figures
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Ports good governance: draft guidance
  2. Power to give harbour directions: second round 2016 applications
  3. Harbour closure and pilotage function removal orders: draft guidance
  4. Port facility security officer training: list of approved training providers
  5. Port marine safety code
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Liverpool Harbour Revision Order
  2. Teesport Harbour Revision Order 2008 time extension
  3. Ilfracombe Harbour Revision Order
  4. Newport (Isle of Wight) Harbour Revision Order 2018
  5. The Dover Harbour (Constitution) Revision Order 2016
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