MCA approved training providers (ATP)

How to find MCA approved training providers for STCW short course and ancillary training.

Training centres providing STCW basic training:

Training centres providing STCW advanced training:

Please note we no longer accept STCW Advanced Training completed under the authority of India or Pakistan towards the issue of the first UK CoC. Please see section 5 of MIN 535 for more information.

The MCA previously released an update on the

Acceptance of Advanced Training from India and Pakistan from 01/01/2017 - 01/02/2018 (PDF, 19.1KB, 1 page) </span>

Training centres providing STCW tanker training:

Training centres for other STCW training:

Training centres providing updating STCW training (refresher):

Training centres for STCW security training:

Training centres for Ships using Fuels covered within the IGF Code:

Other maritime administrations

The MCA accepts some STCW short courses from other maritime administrations. For more information on this, please see section 5 of MIN 535 which gives the MCAs acceptance for those applying for their First UK CoC, as well as those Revalidating or applying for Subsequent UK CoCs.

For further information please send an email to:

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