Ship crew training and certification

Seafarer examinations and training, certification and boatmaster licences.


  1. How to apply for a revalidation of a certificate of competency

    Application Form for revalidation of an existing STCW deck or engine officer certificate of competency (MSF 4201).

  2. How to apply for a UK deck certificate of competency

    Complete form MSF 4274, for a notice of eligibility (NOE) for an oral examination leading to the issue of a deck CoC (STCW) for masters, chief mates and officer of the watch.

  3. ML5 medical report form and certificate (MSF 4112)

    A report for your medical history and current health; lets your doctor decide on your fitness to work safely at sea.

  4. How to apply for a certificate of equivalent competency

    Complete form MSF 4203, to apply for a certificate of equivalent competency

  5. How to apply for a deck yacht certificate of competency

    Complete MSF 4343, for an oral examination leading to a CoC (STCW) for deck officers on commercially and privately operated yachts and sail training vessels.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. How to apply for or revalidate a UK Certificate of Competence
  2. Seafarers medical certification guidance
  3. MCA approved training providers (ATP)
  4. How to apply for a CEC for deck and engineer officers
  5. MSN 1856 (M+F) UK requirements for master and deck officers
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News and communications

  1. Merchant Navy heroes honoured
  2. New maritime exam centre opens on Tyneside
  3. Manchester’s smart motorway reaches major milestone
  4. Building the maritime workforce of the future
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Research and statistics

  1. Support for maritime training review
  2. UK seafarer projections
  3. Maritime training: review of government support
  4. Review of the economic requirement for UK trained seafarers
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Consultation post implementation review MLC, survey and certification regulations 2013
  2. Statutory Consultation – Amendments to the Merchant Shipping (Survey and Certification) Regulations
  3. Updating UK seafarer training standards
  4. Boatmasters’ qualifications, crew and hours of work regulations
  5. Tonnage tax minimum training commitment: overview
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