ML5 medical report form and certificate (MSF 4112)

A report for your medical history and current health; lets your doctor decide on your fitness to work safely at sea.



Download and print these forms, and take them to your doctor to be filled in. It doesn’t have to be a Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) approved doctor).

This form is for:

  • anyone applying for, revalidating, or changing their MCA Boatmaster’s Licence or certificate
  • anyone applying for a Royal Yacht Association (RYA) commercial endorsement for working on code vessels (see the form for more detail)
  • crew on a seagoing or domestic passenger vessel
  • working on a fishing vessel under 24m in length that is not subject to inspection in a foreign port, at sea for more than 72 hours or operating more than 200 miles from the coastline of the UK or beyond the continental shelf.

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