3000 series: air traffic management regulations (ATM)

Individual Regulatory Articles (RA) relating to the 3000 series.

Withdrawn Regulatory Articles (RAs)

Withdrawn RAs are listed for reference only at the bottom of this page (link available in the table of contents) under the heading Withdrawn Regulatory Articles.

MAA regulatory publications (MRP)

The Military Aviation Authority regulatory publications (MRP) are split into 3 layers:-

Regulation contact information


Telephone: +44 (0)30679 38269


MAA regulation enquiries
Juniper 1, Abbey Wood North
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Table of contents

3049: defence contractor flying organization operations support

3100 to 3108: Air Traffic Management (ATM) Equipment Approved Organization Scheme (AAOS)

3120: ATM equipment standards

3130 to 3140: ATM equipment safety

3201 to 3208: administration

3221 to 3241: radar services

3261 to 3279: aerodrome

3291 to 3295: precision approach radar

3301 to 3302: meteorology

3311 to 3313: emergencies

3500 to 3599: aerodrome design and safeguarding

Withdrawn Regulatory Articles

The Rationale for withdrawal was correct at point of publish and it is incumbent on the user to check the references remain valid prior to use.

Published 17 November 2014
Last updated 15 April 2024 + show all updates
  1. RA 3238: controlled airspace deeming conventions has been moved to the withdrawn section.

  2. RA 3279 – Aircraft Last Look Checks has been added to the 3000 Series.

  3. RA 3208 – Use of Unassured Aircraft Surveillance Data by Controllers has been added to the 3000 Series.

  4. RA 3295 – Required Navigation Performance Approach – Controller Responsibilities has been added to the 3000 Series.

  5. The 3500 - 3599 series Aerodrome Design and Safeguarding has been added.

  6. RA 3207 - controller fatigue management has been added to the collection.

  7. Title of the RA3100 - 3108 series of RA's amended for clarity

  8. A new heading, Withdrawn Regulatory Articles, has been added in order to separate current RAs from withdrawn RAs.

  9. The new 3000 series RAs have been published

  10. RA 3136 has been added.

  11. First published.