MAA regulatory publications

Military Aviation Authority regulatory publications (MRP) which include overarching documents, Regulatory Articles (RA) and manuals.

Regulatory amendments

As part of the MAA regulation amendment process proposed and authorized changes are published to enable feedback to Proposed Amendments (NPAs), and provide information about Authorized Amendments (NAAs).

Regulatory notifications

  1. MAA regulatory instructions (RI)
  2. MAA regulatory notices (RN)
  3. Withdrawn MAA regulatory instructions (RI)
  4. Withdrawn MAA regulatory notices (RN)
Published 11 November 2014
Last updated 4 January 2016 + show all updates
  1. Notice of authorised amendments (NAA) 2016 documents has been added.
  2. MOD aircraft crash hazards (ACHaz) document set has been added.
  3. Notice of authorised amendments (NAA) 2015 documents added
  4. MARDS to MRP tracker, JAP(D) 100C-20 and JAP(D) 100C-22 have been added.
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