Withdrawn MAA regulatory instructions (RI)

RIs will be issued by the MAA to provide direction, and have the same authority as MAA regulation.



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Published 14 November 2014
Last updated 15 April 2024 + show all updates
  1. MAA/RI/2023/04 and MAA/RI/2023/05 have been withdrawn.

  2. MAA/RI/2023/02 has been withdrawn as it has been replaced by MAA/RI/2023/04 - Extension to the transitional arrangements for the application of revised wake turbulence separation standards in accordance with Regulatory Article (RA) 3277 – Wake Turbulence.

  3. MAA/RI/2022/02 has been withdrawn as the transitional arrangements have past.

  4. MAA/RI/2022/06 - Transitional Arrangements for the Defence Aerodrome Manual Issue 9 and Defence Aerodrome Assurance Framework Issue 7 has been withdrawn.

  5. MAA/RI/2022/04 - MOD Form 3910 requirements for Air System identified Component Parts has been withdrawn due to the publication of RA 4809 Issue 8

  6. MAA/RI/2021/01 – Implementation Plan for Regulatory Article (RA) 3132 (Air Traffic Management Equipment Safety Cases) and RA 3134 (Air Traffic Management Equipment Release into Service Process) has been superseded by RA 3132 Issue 4 and RA 3134 Issue 2.

  7. MAA/RI/2021/02 – Military Surveillance Minimum Altitude Charts (MilSMAC) - RA 3232 Implications has been superseded due to the release of RA 3232 Issue 2.

  8. MAA/RI/2019/01 – Regulatory Article (RA) 2335 – Revised Flying Display Weather Minima has been superseded due to the release of RA 2335 Issue 10.

  9. MAA/RI/2016/01 - Qualification requirements for personnel conducting airborne maintenance activities has been superseded by RA 2340.

  10. MAA/RI/2014/02 (D Tech) has been withdrawn.

  11. MAA/RI/2014/03 (D Ops) has been withdrawn

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