Withdrawn MAA regulatory instructions (RI)

A Military Aviation Authority RI will be employed to issue mandatory operational or engineering direction.



Military aviation regulations have been completely revised and have been published undera new framework and format as a suite of MAA Regulatory Publications (MRP). Where the routine amendment process forthe MRP is not sufficiently agile, to effect timely communication of regulatory changes, the MAA will employ an interim, responsive regulatory notification system.

A regulatory instruction will be employed to issue mandatory operational or engineering direction.

If you require further information and/or a copy of the documents, please contact the MAA regulatory publications team at dsa-maa-mrp

Published 14 November 2014
Last updated 25 August 2016 + show all updates
  1. MAA/RI/2014/02 (D Tech) has been withdrawn.
  2. MAA/RI/2014/03 (D Ops) has been withdrawn
  3. First published.