Withdrawn MAA reguIatory instructions (RI): reference table

Updated 25 August 2016
Reference Title General Information
MAA/RI/2014/03 (D Ops) Introduction of Class E airspace to united kingdom flight information region (FIR) 11 November 2014
MAA/RI/2014/02 (D Tech) Invoking specific privileges to MAA approved organizations Superseded by RA 5850
MAA/RI/14/01 (D Tech) MAA Authorization of Watchkeeper MOD Form 700 Superseded by MAP 02 Issue 6
MAA/RI/07/11 (DG) Certification of UK Military Registered Air Systems Superseded by RA1500
MAA/RI/01/11(DG) Notification of Significant Air Safety Occurrences Superseded by RA1410
MAA/RI/06/11(DG) MAA Regulatory Publications Superseded by MAA01
MAA/RI/01/12(D Ops) Serious Fault Reporting Subsumed into RA1410 and RA4307
MAA/RI/05/11 (DTECH) Delegation of Airworthiness Authority (DE&S) Superseded by RA1003 and RA1006
MAA RI/09/11(D Op) Serious Fault Reporting Obsolete - Time Expired
MAA/RI/08/11 (DG) Air System Safety Cases Superseded by RA1205
MAA RI/04/11 (DTECH) Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) in the UK Military Air Environment (MAE) Superseded by RA4504
MAA RI/02/11 (DG) Air Safety: Risk Management Superseded by RA1210
MAA RI/03/11 (DTECH) Chief Air Engineers Superseded by RA1023
MAA RI/DG/02/10 Aviation Duty Holder Superseded by RA1020
MAA RI/DTech/01/10 Professional Registration Of Engineers In Airworthiness Posts Superseded by RA1002
MAA RI/DG/01/10 MOD Aircraft Accident Service Inquiries: Transfer Of Convening Authority Superseded by RA1420