The Military Aviation Authority, Air Safety Management Performance Matrix (MAPM)

The MAPM can provide an assessment of the current performance of the safety management system (SMS) and show any further development needed.



MAPM Report Form


The MAPM is an optional tool, developed around the Regulatory Article 1200 construct, that can help provide an assessment of the maturity of an organisation’s air SMS.

It can be utilised across the defence air environment in support of assurance activity at all levels, from an initial self assessment through to Second and Third Party assurance conducted by external or independent bodies.

The MAPM can provide a wide ranging assessment of the current performance of the SMS and highlight areas where further development may be needed. This approach can assist organisations in making more informed decisions when allocating resources to the management of air safety.

A supporting Excel template is also provided. This can be used to record findings and has a function to produce a graphical representation of the assurance assessment conducted.

Published 27 May 2016