Defence aerodrome manual (DAM) word version

This manual is to inform military and civilian operators of accurate aerodrome data and operating procedures.


Defence aerodrome manual (DAM)

Defence aerodrome assurance framework (DAAF)


The purpose of this document is to allow both military and civilian operators to have accurate information regarding aerodrome characteristics including:

  • physical characteristics
  • areodrome hazards
  • services available
  • operating procedures

This word version is a template for operators to alter to their own specific individual aerodrome requirements.

Published 14 November 2014
Last updated 16 January 2017 + show all updates
  1. Issue 5 has been published under NAA 17/03.
  2. Issue 4 has been published under NAA 15/13
  3. The DAM, word version, has been updated.
  4. First published.