MAA manuals

Military Aviation Authority manuals are a supplement to the regulatory articles (RAs).

The Military Aviation Authority regulatory publications (MRP) are split into 3 layers:-

Regulation contact information


Telephone: +44 (0)30679 38269


MAA regulation enquiries
Juniper 1, Abbey Wood North
BS34 8QW


Withdrawn Manuals

Published 17 December 2014
Last updated 19 July 2022 + show all updates
  1. Manual of Military Airworthiness Recognition (MMAR) has been added.

  2. Manual of Military Air System Certification (MMAC) has been added.

  3. Aviation Safe Operating Environment Manual (ASOEM) has been added.

  4. Manual of Air System Integrity Management (MASIM), Manual of Airworthiness Maintenance – Documentation (MAM-D), Manual of Airworthiness Maintenance - Processes (MAM-P) have been added.

  5. First published.