MAA regulatory instructions (RI)

An RI is issued to effect timely communication of new mandatory regulatory changes, and usually uplifted into Regulation when appropriate.



Please note

With the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) federating under the Defence Safety Authority (DSA), it was neccessary to update various published documents to reflect the new structure. Due to the information contained within currently published Regulatory Instructions (RI) and Regulatory Notices (RN), and the effect to the regulated community of re-issuing them, it has been deemed that these documents will remain as originally published and therefore will stay extant and will not be updated. All publications issued subsequent to 1 April 2015 will reflect the new structure.

Details on the formation of DSA, and the effect it has on the MAA, can be found in MAA/RN/2015/03.

If you have any queries on this subject, or its effect on the MAA Regulatory Publications (MRP) suite, please contact DSA-MAA-MRP Enquiries

Further details

Military aviation regulations have been completely revised and have been published under a new framework and format as a suite of MRP.

Where the routine amendment process for the MRP is not sufficiently agile, to effect timely communication of regulatory changes, the MAA will employ an interim, responsive regulatory notification system.

A regulatory instruction will be employed to issue mandatory operational or engineering direction.

Reference Title Release Date
MAA/RI/2016/01 Qualification requirements for personnel conducting airborne maintenance activities 06 April 2016
Published 14 November 2014
Last updated 25 August 2016 + show all updates
  1. MAA/RI/2014/02 (D Tech) Invoking specific privileges to MAA approved organizations has been withdrawn.
  2. MAA/RI/2016/01 Qualification requirements for personnel conducting airborne maintenance activities has been published.
  3. MAA/RI/2014/03 (D Ops) has been withdrawn.
  4. First published.