Aviation and airspace policy, airport expansion, airline routes, passenger experience and air accidents.


  1. Hand luggage restrictions at UK airports

    Hand luggage restrictions at UK airports - carry-on luggage, checked-in baggage, restricted items and liquids, electronic devices carried from Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and Saudi Arabia

  2. General aviation operators and pilots notification of flights

    Submit a general aviation report (GAR) online if you are a pilot or carrier of a general aviation aircraft intending to travel to or from the UK.

  3. Send your Air Passenger Duty Return

    Use the online service to send your Air Passenger Duty Return (APD2).

  4. Air carriers: pet travel required method of operation (RMOP)

    Fill in this RMOP form to get approval from APHA to transport pets or assistance dogs to England, Scotland or Wales.

  5. Send your Air Passenger Duty Return as an occasional operator

    Apply for the Occasional Operator Scheme and report your duty liability for all flights in a 24-hour accounting period using form APD6.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Rates for Air Passenger Duty
  2. Passenger travel to the EU by air, rail or sea after Brexit
  3. Exemptions from Air Passenger Duty
  4. Air services from the EU to the UK if there is a no-deal Brexit
  5. Report an aircraft accident or serious incident
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News and communications

  1. The AAIB has sent a team to North Wales
  2. November Bulletin - published in error
  3. AAIB report: Rolladen-Schneider LS7, pilot suffered a heart attack in-flight
  4. UK Space Agency confirms £7.35 million funding to support small satellite launch from Cornwall
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Research and statistics

  1. Air accident monthly bulletin December 2019
  2. AAIB Record-only investigations July - August 2019
  3. An evaluation of UK funding through the ARTES programme
  4. Air accident monthly bulletin October 2019
  5. Northern Ireland Air Passenger Flow April 2018 – March 2019
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Aviation 2050 — the future of UK aviation
  2. Carbon offsetting in transport: a call for evidence.
  3. Women in aviation and aerospace charter
  4. MOU between AAIB and the National Fire Chiefs Council
  5. CMA's response to Aviation 2050: The Future of UK Aviation
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. AAIB investigation to Grumman AA-5B, G-MPFC
  2. AAIB investigation to Jabiru UL-450, G-KEVH
  3. AAIB investigation to Airbus A300b4-622R(F), D-AEAD
  4. AAIB investigation to Boeing 737-89P, SP-LWA
  5. AAIB investigation to Boeing 777-236, G-YMMU
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