General aviation

Owning and operating light aircraft.


  1. General aviation operators and pilots notification of flights

    Submit a general aviation report (GAR) online if you are a pilot or carrier of a general aviation aircraft intending to travel to or from the UK.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. General Aviation Leaflet
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News and communications

  1. World-leading UK aerospace designs: get funding for projects
  2. Raising ambitions in UK aerospace: funding for innovative ideas
  3. Government champion raises profile for general aviation
  4. Government response to General Aviation Challenge Panel recommendations
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Research and statistics

  1. Economic value of general aviation in the UK
  2. General Aviation Challenge Panel: final report
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. General Aviation Air Navigation Order review: proposed changes
  2. Medical requirements for UK and national private pilot licences
  3. General aviation: Air Navigation Order review
  4. Aviation 2050 — the future of UK aviation consultation: general aviation reports
  5. General aviation strategy
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