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Apprenticeship recruitment research report – the match factor

The CIPD have published a report highlighting good practice for providers and employers to take forward in their recruitment processes.


Today (16 October 2014) the CIPD publishes The match factor – good practice in apprenticeship recruitment research report and press release, which highlights good practice for providers and employers to take forward in their recruitment processes. This is timely as the apprenticeship system is about to undergo a significant reform with employers being placed at the heart of the system.

The research was commissioned by the National Apprenticeship Service, part of the Skills Funding Agency. Sue Husband, Director of Apprenticeships at the Skills Funding Agency says: “We commissioned the CIPD to carry out this research to review apprenticeship recruitment and also to look at good practice across the sector. The research is timely as further progress on the apprenticeship reforms is placing employers firmly at the heart of the skills system.”

“We will continue to work closely with employers and providers examining how they will be supported when recruiting apprentices in the future. We will also consider the wider recommendations made in the report, which will contribute to the work the Agency is already carrying out such as our good practice guides for employers, partners and apprentices and webinars for both employers and providers.”

Published 16 October 2014