Becoming an intern or trainee

Find a traineeship or internship, employment rights and pay, benefits, skills and qualities required.

  1. Employment rights and pay for interns

    Rights for interns and students in the workplace; work experience; work placements; rights to the National Minimum Wage

  2. Find a traineeship

    Apply for a traineeship in England - get ready to work or an apprenticeship

  3. Find an internship

    Use the Graduate Talent Pool to find internships if you're a new or recent graduate in the European Economic Area (EEA)

  4. Providing quality internships: guidance for employers and interns

    Department for Business, Innovation & Skills supported guidance on running high-quality internship programmes.

  5. Traineeships: young people

    Information to help you decide whether you might be suitable, and advice on how to get onto a traineeship.