Public services

Guidance and regulation

  1. What Works Network
  2. Social Impact Bonds
  3. Honours committees
  4. Volunteering for the MCA
  5. Public service delivery: rules for charities
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News and communications

  1. Defence Fire and Rescue Project
  2. Join the HMRC user panel and help improve GOV.UK
  3. British High Commissioner rounds up visit to Kano
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Research and statistics

  1. Public Spending Statistics release: November 2018
  2. Public Appointments: Annual Report for Northern Ireland, 2016/17
  3. Internal contamination in people: PHE rapid monitoring facility
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Budget 2018: documents
  2. Redweb Ltd working with Department for Education
  3. Realise Futures Community Interest Company (CIC)
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. MCA: FOI and EIR disclosure log, January to April 2017
  2. MCA:FOI and EIR disclosure log, October 2016
  3. MCA: FOI and EIR disclosure log, September 2016
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