Guidance and regulation

  1. Equality Act 2010: guidance
  2. Equality Act 2010: how it might affect you
  3. Gender pay gap reporting: overview
  4. Gender pay gap reporting: make your calculations
  5. Gender pay gap reporting: data you must gather
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News and communications

  1. Government appoints first National Adviser for LGBT Health
  2. New champions to fight for rights of disabled consumers
  3. Alok Sharma: 'There is still an urgency for us to act' on women’s economic independence
  4. Andrea Leadsom at the APPG on Women in Parliament
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Research and statistics

  1. National LGBT Survey Data Viewer
  2. Employers’ Understanding of the Gender Pay Gap and Actions to tackle it - a research report 2017
  3. Ethnic minority labour market participation interventions: part 1
  4. Employers’ Understanding of the Gender Pay Gap and Actions to Tackle it: research report on the 2018 Survey
  5. Gender pay gap: employers' action and understanding
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. National LGBT survey
  2. Variations in Sex Characteristics Call For Evidence
  3. Reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004
  4. Leaving no one behind: Our promise
  5. Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment in the Aid Sector: victim and survivor voices listening exercise
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Northern Ireland Equality Scheme for HMRC
  2. DFID gender pay gap report 2018
  3. Ministry of Justice: Gender Pay Gap Report 2018
  4. Equality in Ofsted
  5. DECC equality information: 2016
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