Guidance and regulation

  1. Equality Act 2010: guidance
  2. Equality Act 2010: how it might affect you
  3. Gender pay gap reporting: overview
  4. Gender pay gap reporting: make your calculations
  5. Gender pay gap reporting: data you must gather
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News and communications

  1. FTSE companies urged to appoint more women leaders
  2. Honduran Congresswoman joins International Women MPs conference in London
  3. Guatemalan Congresswoman joins International Women MPs conference in London
  4. Penny Mordaunt: "I see a chamber filled with powerful and strong women".
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Research and statistics

  1. Gender Pay Gap Information Regulations: summary of 2017/18 data
  2. Interim Gender Pay Gap Employer Insights Survey
  3. Race Disparity Audit
  4. Public Appointments: Annual Report for Northern Ireland, 2016/17
  5. Understanding disabilities and impairments: user profiles
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004
  2. Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment in the Aid Sector: victim and survivor voices listening exercise
  3. Defence diversity and inclusion strategy 2018 to 2030: A force for inclusion
  4. Tackling racial disparity in the criminal justice system: 2018
  5. Disabled people’s rights: information following the UK’s first periodic review
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Equality in Ofsted
  2. DECC equality information: 2016
  3. HS2 Ltd Workforce Diversity Report: April 2015
  4. DFID Diversity and Inclusion: Annual Report 2014-15
  5. Equality and Human Rights Commission: Report & Accounts 2014-15
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