Charities, volunteering and honours


  1. Send a charity's annual return

    You must send an annual return if your charity’s income is more than £10,000. All charities must keep their registered details up to date.

  2. Search the charity register

    Search the charity register to find details of registered charities in England and Wales including contact information, activities, latest financial reports and current trustees.

  3. Claim Gift Aid online

    Submit a claim for Gift Aid, the Gift Aid small donation scheme (GASDS) and other income; schedule spreadsheets; registering and enrolling for a Charities Online account; activation codes

  4. Tell the Charity Commission about a change to your charity

    Change your charity's details with the Charity Commission online

  5. Set up a charity

    To start a charity you need trustees, to choose a business structure, decide suitable charitable purposes and you may have to register with the Charity Commission

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Safeguarding and protecting people for charities and trustees
  2. Gift Aid: what donations charities and CASCs can claim on
  3. Check if a new charity is the best option
  4. Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme: how to claim top-up payments
  5. Report serious wrongdoing at a charity as a worker or volunteer
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News and communications

  1. Commission appoints Interim Managers at The Alternative Animal Sanctuary
  2. Commission appoints interim manager to Jole Rider Friends after suspending trustees
  3. Check and update your charity details
  4. Welsh Secretary congratulates Welsh recipients of New Year's Honours for 2019
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Research and statistics

  1. Community Life Survey 2017-18
  2. DCMS Community Life Survey: Ad-hoc statistical releases
  3. Public Appointments: Annual Report for Northern Ireland, 2016/17
  4. Taking Part 2014/15: "Focus On..." reports
  5. Taking Part 2017/18: quarter 4 statistical release
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Increases to charities’ small trading exemption limits
  2. Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme changes
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. New Year's Honours list 2019
  2. Charity reserves policies: demonstrating and building resilience
  3. Final report of Charity Commission safeguarding taskforce
  4. Charity Commission Strategy 2018-2023
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