Personal tax


  1. Personal tax account: sign in or set up

    Sign in to or set up a personal tax account to check and manage HMRC records: includes Income Tax, change of address, Self Assessment, company car tax and Marriage Allowance

  2. Register for and file your Self Assessment tax return

    Register for Self Assessment, sign in and send your Self Assessment tax return online

  3. Check your State Pension age

    Work out your State Pension age and Pension Credit qualifying age

  4. Self Assessment tax returns

    Self Assessment tax returns - deadlines, who must send a tax return, penalties, corrections, paying your tax bill and returns for someone who has died

  5. Check how much Income Tax you paid last year

    Check how much Income Tax you paid to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) last year and claim a refund. Check your P800

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Claim Income Tax relief for your employment expenses (P87)
  2. Help and support for Self Assessment
  3. HMRC calculators and tools
  4. Find software suppliers for sending VAT Returns and Income Tax updates
  5. Tax-free allowances on property and trading income
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News and communications

Research and statistics

  1. Exploring the use of trusts
  2. Qualitative research on employees' non-reimbursed expenses tax relief
  3. HMRC tax receipts and National Insurance contributions for the UK
  4. Disaggregation of HMRC tax receipts
  5. Individual Savings Account statistics
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Draft legislation: repayment of the overseas transfer charge
  2. Draft legislation: Stamp Duty Land Tax Administration (Amendment) Regulations 2018
  3. Amendments to tax returns
  4. The taxation of trusts: a review
  5. Reform of employer contributions into life assurance and overseas pension schemes
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Issue briefing: dealing with the tax affairs of wealthy individuals
  2. HMRC reviews and appeals data
  3. Partnership review consultative committee minutes: 19 May 2014
  4. HMRC's business plan: 2014 to 2016
  5. Issue briefing: tax credits overpayments (February 2014)
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