Capital Gains Tax


  1. Pay your Self Assessment tax bill

    Payment options for your Self Assessment tax bill - Direct Debit, bank transfer, through your tax code, debit or credit card, cheque and flexible payments

  2. Wills, probate and inheritance

    Sorting out a deceased person's affairs - get a grant of representation, become an executor, distribute an estate, and find out what to do if there's no will. Includes information from the withdrawn PA5 guidance.

  3. Capital Gains Tax

    What Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is, how to work it out, current CGT rates and how to pay

  4. Tax when you sell property

    Capital Gains Tax when you sell a property that's not your home: work out your gain and pay your tax on buy-to-let, business, agricultural and inherited properties

  5. Money and property when a relationship ends

    How to work out splitting up money, property and possessions when you divorce or dissolve a civil partnership - including mediation

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Guidance and regulation

  1. HMRC calculators and tools
  2. Tell HMRC about Capital Gains Tax on UK residential property if you’re non-resident
  3. Work out your tax if you're a non-resident selling a UK residential property
  4. Capital Gains Tax on high value residential property
  5. Trusts and Capital Gains: work out your tax
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Changes to taxing gains made by non-residents on UK immovable property
  2. Taxing gains made by non-residents on UK immovable property in Collective Investment Schemes
  3. Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Corporation Tax voluntary tax returns
  4. Capital Gains Tax annual exempt amount for tax year 2019 to 2020
  5. Deferral of exit charge payments for Capital Gains Tax
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