Our energy use

We publish information on how much energy our headquarters uses, as part of efforts to make government operations and spending more transparent and sustainable.

We publish live performance data and figures for our HQ energy consumption. We have also achieved the Carbon Trust Standard for the work we have done on reducing energy use across the Home Office.


We were one of the first departments to provide public access to real-time energy use for our headquarters (2 Marsham Street). The live energy display allows you to view, interactively and almost live, electricity, gas and water consumption as well as waste, cost and carbon dioxide emissions.

We are also providing the raw energy consumption data, which is compiled once every 24 hours. We now provide daily updates of energy use at several other Home Office buildings.

About 2 Marsham Street

2 Marsham Street houses the headquarters of the Home Office and part of the Department of Communities and Local Government - this is about 4,000 occupants.

2 Marsham Street, which opened in 2005, achieved recognition for its environmental credentials during construction and its current display energy certificate is an E rating. We have been working in conjunction with our facilities providers (Bouygues E&S FM UK Ltd) and energy consultants (Energen) to change the way we work in order to save energy.

Incorporating sustainable development

The effects of climate change are wide-ranging and often have complex interactions. Changes in weather patterns, rising sea levels and changes in frequency and intensity of extreme weather events such as heatwaves are already being felt and are likely to become more apparent over the next 50 years, both in the UK and abroad.

Such events may be catalysts for migration and domestic unrest. Our aim is to ensure that sustainability informs our decision making and becomes an integral part of all other strategies, policies, decision making processes, programmes, projects, activities and behaviours. This includes:

  • using fewer natural resources, less energy, fuel and water and producing less waste to save money
  • increasing the resilience of our estate to cope with local effects of climate change such as flooding or subsidence, and considering emerging low carbon technologies to reduce dependency on fossil fuel
  • understanding the availability and cost of energy, products and services to operate in the future
  • compliance with government targets and other mechanisms

Our business plan commitments

The Home Office helps to contribute to a secure society by defending the country against terrorism, securing our borders and controlling immigration, and enabling the police and local communities to step up the fight against crime and antisocial behaviour.

The Home Office will:

  • assess and manage environmental, social and economic impacts and opportunities in its policy development and decision making
  • implement the department’s plan to fulfil its Greening government commitments, supplying quarterly information and contributing to an annual report on progress
  • procure from small businesses with the aspiration that 25% of contracts should be awarded to SMEs

Greening government commitments

The government’s commitments for greening government operations and procurement were published on 28 February 2011 and set out a range of measures including:

  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • reducing waste
  • reducing water use
  • being transparent about the impact of government’s supply chain
  • making procurement of goods and services more sustainable, while continuing to ensure value for money

Improving our performance in these areas is closely linked to our efforts to achieve greater efficiency and value for money across shared corporate services. We aim to reduce the environmental impact of our estate and travel related activities by:

  • complying with legal, regulatory and other requirements
  • managing carbon dioxide emissions from our building energy use and official travel
  • managing water use and waste responsibly on our estate
  • purchasing goods and services that meet government standards
  • actively encouraging our suppliers and staff to support us

In July 2015 we published our Sustainability Report 2014-2015, which updates the department’s performance against the Greening government commitments.

Sustainable procurement

Find out more about procurement at the Home Office.


We are happy to respond to any queries you have regarding our live energy data, our carbon reduction and other sustainability work. We would appreciate your feedback.

Your views will help influence the way in which we develop this work both in the department and across the whole of government.

To offer your views or raise queries, please email the department’s sustainability team: sustainabilityenquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk